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"Bow" Down [3PC Lingerie Set] ✧˖°.FREE IN SERVER.°˖✧

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《 Includes 》

  • BowDown_MMD.fbx [3D Item File]
  • 3 Custom Colors & Alpha Maps per item [4k Textures]

《 Set Stats 》

  • 3 Material Total
  • Vertices: 12,496
  • Edges: 24,184
  • Faces: 11,674
  • Polygons: 23,342
  • Rigged & Weighted to Panda Flat [Base Armature]
  • Heeled Blendshape
  • Open Top Blendshape

《 Does Not Include 》

  • The items on the "mannequin" or in the scene.

《 How to Use 》

  • Import the .fbx into your model file in blender and use either MMD Shader or Principled BSDF

《 TOS/Rules 》

These rules apply to all assets: free, nitro, paid and commissioned assets..

Use for Personal / Commercial / Public [To Use on Free, please contact us directly for permission]

  1. You MUST credit me correctly when using my assets. Using my full store name [Ma Machi Designs] and a link back to the asset or my store (at minimum). EG. Asset by MaMachi ( or
  2. You MUST not claim any of my assets or it's parts as your own. Provide credit for MY work.
  3. You may ONLY use my assets on FINISHED MODELS, with proper credit to me. You may not modify, or use parts, of the asset to make your own asset for sale.
  4. You CANNOT use my assets taken from another creator's model, you MUST buy it from my store to use it in ANY WAY.
  5. Do NOT resell my assets in ANY WAY. This includes edited or modified.
  6. Do NOT redistribute, leak or trade my assets in ANY WAY. This includes any 3rd party sites, forums, sharing websites, leaker sites, discord servers, sharing with friends etc.
  7. Do NOT price-split my assets with ANYONE. Sharing them with anyone else is prohibited. Friends, partners, family's etc. Do NOT share them.
  8. Paid assets ARE NOT ALLOWED on models that are less expensive than the highest priced asset from me. (eg, if the highest price asset (made by me) is purchased for $25, the model SHOULD NOT be less than $25).
  9. Nitro assets CANNOT be used on free models or nitro models. They CAN be used on private models. You CANNOT use them on public or for-sale models UNTIL you have boosted my server for a FULL MONTH.
  10. Your license to use the asset is ONLY VALID if you provide the correct information at checkout. Otherwise I have no proof of purchase and will issue a DMCA. You may also be blacklisted for breaking TOS.
  11. DO NOT share codes for server exclusive assets, if you do: the code will be REMOVED and the assets may no longer be available.
  12. To purchase these assets for someone else, please use the gift function: and fill THEIR discord and vrc username in at checkout!
  13. My assets are non-refundable. You are responsible for reviewing all provided information before your purchase.

All rules are subjected to change. Updated 07/20/23


For the full text of the rules, please refer to the following URL below.

Full Shop TOS


《 Notes 》

♡If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to DM me on Discord.

No refunds on my assets or models, if you have any questions before purchase or after DM me as well.


Discord ID: S3NPAI6969 /✭/ foxmatcha

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You will get a FBX file made for VRChat Avatars in Unity 2019+

Jinxxy tags: female, lingerie, underwear, bra, panties, baby, doll, stockings, night, sleep, sexy, silk, sheer

You will get a RAR (38MB) file