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Longsleeve Skinshirt ✧˖°.FREE IN SERVER.°˖✧

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Longsleeve Skinshirt

Rigged & Weightpainted to Panda Male


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《 Includes 》

  • One Skinshirt .fbx
  • 7 Colors & Texture Maps
  • Less than 5k polys

《 Does Not Include 》

  • The items on the "mannequin"

《 How to Use 》

  • Import the .fbx into your model file in blender and use either MMD Shader or Principled BSDF

《 TOS/Rules 》

This asset is released under a UV license.

This asset allows the following actions based on Individual terms in addition to the basic terms.

Use for Personal / Commercial / Public

This data has the following special notes.

1. You are not allowed to take parts of the asset to use on your own.

2. You are not allowed to redistribute or sell the asset in any way.

3. You are not allowed to make your upload public.

4. You are not allowed to give out the package, asset, or any parts from the asset.

5. You must have a basic understanding of Unity/Blender to use this product


For the full text of the rules, please refer to the following URL below.


《 Notes 》

♡If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to DM me on Discord.

No refunds on my assets or models, if you have any questions before purchase or after DM me as well.


Discord ID: S3NPAI6969 /✭/ foxmatcha

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You will get a FBX file

made for VRChat Avatars in Unity 2019+