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Techwear Opti - ONLY 55.3k POLYS!

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《 Includes 》

➤ ONLY 55.3k POLYS!


➤ Physbones

➤ Unity 2022

➤ 3.5 Avatar

➤ 8.3 GoGo Loco from franada to provide a wide range of positions

➤ 6pt Full Body, Half Body & Deskie Tested

➤ 4 Main Toggles

⤞ Full body Hue Shift

⤞ Full body Brightness Shift

⤞ Full body Saturation Shift

⤞ Full body Dissolve



Rigs: Ace v4 by Misty & Zinfit by Zinpia


Avatar Base, and Nitro, and other parts are not to be taken off-model and reused without purchase from the original creator first, or boosting the creators before using items.


Renders: foxmatcha

Showcase/Gifs: foxmatcha

Additional In Game Photos: --


《 TOS/Rules 》

・Personal Use/ Upload to VRchat as a private avatar.

1. You are not allowed to take parts off the model to use on your own.

2. You cannot sell a model that has parts taken from the model.

3. You are not allowed to redistribute or sell the model in any way.

4. You are not allowed to make your upload public.

5. You are not allowed to make edits of the model and upload it to your friend's account nor upload to VRchat in any manner other than Privately.

6. You are not allowed to give out the package, model, or any parts from the model. Personal use only.

7. If you wish to use any of the assets that are on these avatars, you will need to purchase/download from the original creators stated.


For the full text of the rules, please refer to the following URL below.

Full Shop TOS


《 Notes 》

♡ If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to DM me on Discord.

No refunds on my assets or models, if you have any questions before purchase or after DM me as well.

❗There will be some clipping in extreme positions and some things will not always be perfect. Please be kind and patient, and I hope you enjoy! <3


Discord ID: S3NPAI6969 /✭/ foxmatcha

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《 Uploading 》

➤ Make sure to use unity version 2022.3.6f1

➤ Download VRChat Creator Companion and Create a new Project. You can get VCC here.

(Don't know how to use VCC? Watch this video!)

➤ Make sure to choose Avatars and select to add Gesture Manager


➤ Import the model, and use the Scene, not FBX or Prefab. (Looks like a Unity Symbol, you double click it or drag it into the bar on the left.)

➤ NOTE: On some models, you may need to manually adjust the view height. This is done using the Unity Inspector

➤ Make sure the Blueprint is detached [if not already] before uploading to prevent initial errors


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